Who We Are

Who We Are

At Santa Marta Tours VIP, we are more than just tour guides; we are your local experts, your companions on a journey to discover the heart and soul of Santa Marta and Parque Tayrona, Colombia. With over 13 years of experience, our seasoned team brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for hosting and indulging our guests.

Real Local Tour Guides: Our tours are not led by outsiders but by true locals who have grown up amidst the beauty and culture of this region. We know every hidden gem, every secret spot, and every captivating story that makes Santa Marta and Parque Tayrona come alive.

Highly Indulging and Hosting Experience: We don’t just offer tours; we provide an unparalleled indulging and hosting experience. From the moment you join us, you become part of our VIP family. Our commitment is to ensure your comfort, satisfaction, and enjoyment at every turn. It’s not just a tour; it’s an unforgettable journey crafted with care.

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Jhonatan Orozco

Founder of “Santa Marta Tours VIP” and endorsed by the prestigious SENA, Jhonatan is not just a guide, but a weaver of stories at every corner, turning each step through this city into a living page of an adventure book; Raised to the rhythm of “PESCAITO”, the cradle of legends like Carlos ‘’El Pibe’’ Valderrama and Radamel Falcao, Colombian football stars and natives of Santa Marta.

Jhonatan is more than a local; he is a narrator of living history, a connector of people with the spirit of Santa Marta. With 17 years of experience and more than 2300 tours, his name has become synonymous with adventure, knowledge, and hospitality that can only be compared to the warmth of the Caribbean sun.

Jhonatan is a master of authenticity, a guide who not only shows paths but also reveals secrets, those that transform a simple trip into a personal and collective odyssey. His ability to immerse tourists in the magic of Santa Marta is recognized by both locals and travelers from distant lands.

With Jhonatan, every route is safe, every anecdote is a seed of joy, and each destination reveals the majesty of the Colombian coast. He not only promises, he delivers, leading you by the hand to discover hidden treasures and breathtaking splendors.

So, if what you seek is an experience that marks your soul, that makes you laugh and dream, that teaches and protects you, you have found the perfect guide. Jhonatan Alexander Orozco Amel is the key that opens all doors of Santa Marta, inviting you to a journey that promises to be as unforgettable as the city itself.

Welcome to the heart of the magic,
the hand of Santa Marta Tours VIP!

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